I started with a large pice of spalted sycamore, 11" x 4" so it would make quite a large and deep bowl.

I mounted it on the lathe and turned away the outer wax protection to see the grain and patterning clearly.

It looked like a great piece of timber. I wanted quite a modern style for this bowl and set about creating a very clean and simple curve.

The base was recessed to fit a dovetail expansion chuck, ready to be reversed on the lathe. The whole of this section was sanded, treated with cellulose sealant, then coated with carnuba wax as the final finish.

With the bowl reversed and held in the expanding chuck, I could start hollowing the inside of the bowl.

Working gradually to the outside, the bowl is carefully hollowed, keeping the wall thickness as constant as possible.

Once the wall thickness was as required, it was sanded, and like the outside - sealed and coated with carnuba wax to leave it with a tough surface shine.

The finished bowl. December 2007. In all this about 6 hours of work.

The wood was purchased from Scottish Hardwoods along with some other pieces. Good prices and service - give them a try.